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South Calgary Karate


Looking for Karate in Calgary? Karate in McKenzie Lake? Karate in Deer Run? Karate close to home? 

The South Calgary Wado Kai Karate Club was started in September 1994 by Sensei Heather Fidyk and Sensei Darren Fidyk.   The club services the Southern Calgary communities through classes, workshops, and tournaments. The club is a member of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation.



The organization offers beginner classes for ages 6 through adults. Students are tested twice a year and successful candidates will grade to new belt ranks. Black belt dan gradings are held in May of each year in Alberta. Shindo (short staff)  is available for students orange and up. Competitive training is offered as a high performance program. 

NEW in Fall 2018 Just for Kicks for ages 3-5years!

Our Philosophy

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The South Calgary Wado Kai Karate Club is a non-profit organization committed to the improvement of the health, fitness and martial arts understanding for all students. We have a strong committed group of Black belts who volunteer their time and knowledge to the improvement all karate-ka.

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"Just for Kicks"

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South Calgary Wado Kai Karate Club

Deer Run, T2J 5M3, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(403) 257-4638


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