Shindo Program

The Art of Shindo was devised by Masaru Shintani Sensei, 9th Dan, in the early 1970’s and he started teaching Shindo to his students in the late 1980’s. The techniques are different from other stick martial arts as it uses the principles of Wado karate, thus the techniques performed with the shindo can also be done empty hand. The Shindo program consists of a novice, intermediate, and advanced level, followed by shodan, nidan, sandan and instructor ranks. The Shindo program begins with a full day clinic followed by clinics once a month for at least 8 months, at which time they may be tested for the novice level.  Upon completion of novice level and to obtain intermediate level, students must attend a second full day clinic and attend clinics once a month for at least 8 months, at which time they may be tested for intermediate level. Students will be required to have their own shindo, can be purchased from the club; at the beginner level they can be made at home or borrowed from the limited club supply.The Shindo program is open to all adults and youth orange belt and up.

Head Instructor for the Shindo program is Sensei Frank Hagenaars