Welcome to South Calgary Wado Kai Karate, established Karate in Calgary

South Calgary Competitive Club

Intro to Sport Karate to High Performance

The South Calgary Wado Kai Karate Competitive Club (unofficially) was started in 2000 as a Club by Sensei Heather Fidyk in an effort to diversify her traditional club training and to become a competitive karate athlete. She has competed in Japan, Morocco, Italy, United States and Canada. 

The Competitive Club is designed for those students who wanted to pursue a more competitive avenue beyond the regular grading curriculum. Athletes train at a higher intensity, cross train, and compete. 

Athletes are developed through the South Calgary Wado Kai Karate Club and can choose to join the Competitive Club at the rank of Orange or by invitation. 

Athletes must demonstrate dedication to training, positive attitude to learning and training, good sportsmanship and the humility that is the essence of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation.


Sensei Heather Fidyk - NCCP Comp Development Certified, ChCP

Sensei Zac Raymond - Athlete & Developmental coach